Nicole Copley BA LLB LLM (Tax)

Nicole Copley   I am an NGO lawyer and have a Masters in tax exemption law, but the chief advantage I offer my clients is many years of experience with NGO work, and with dealing with the relevant government departments. I offer a range of services to NGOs - I advise on what structures they should use, set them up, restructure them if necessary, amend documents to comply with changing legislation and with their requirements, and obtain income tax exemption ("PBO"/ Public Benefit Organisation status), 18A status, and NPO (NonProfit Organisation) registration. I set up Non Profit Companies, trusts and associations, and deal with all of the legal administration in running them. As my background is commercial drafting, I can draft and advise on any and all contracts my clients might need to sign.

I also administer, collate and lodge my clients' annual reports to the NPO Board, and file their financials with the tax exemption unit.

I consult to NGOs from all over South Africa, as well as to international NGOs. I have a quick turn-around time, and offer a competitive charge-out rate.

I qualified and practised as an attorney in the corporate environment - I worked as a business lawyer with Shepstone and Wylie in Durban, which is where I started working for the NonProft sector. Since 1996 I have had my own consultancy, working exclusively for NGOs.

I can be contacted on the number below, or via email or fax.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel +27 (0)31 2669427
Fax +27 (0)86 6279420