Before you may open a bank account, apply for funding, or apply for any other registrations, you will  need to set up a legal entity.

This legal 'animal' will protect your members and officers against personal liability, and will have a 'life' independent of those who belong to or adminsiter it from time to time.

If yours is a membership based organisation, you may want to form an association. All one needs to do is draft and agree on a constitiion and there is no external registration process.

If yours is more a vision-driven organisation, and it is a trust you want to form then the process is that we draft your trust deed and and forms for trustees to sugn, and have the trust registered with the Master of the High Court.  The registration time depends on which Master of the High Court we register with- it can take between one and about 6 weeks.

If it’s a Non Profit Company that you require, we would draft a memorandum of incorporation and all the other forms required, and apply to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission for registration. This process usually takes about   2 months- it varies, depending on how fast CIPC is from time to time.