Sail Africa

We were more than delighted with the service we received from Nicole and her team at ngoLAW.  Not only was the outcome exactly as we desired, but the service was impeccable.  Both Nicole and Philippa were professional yet approachable, they explained the difficulties of what it was we were trying to do and while giving us hope they did not raise false expectations.

Sail Africa began as an organisation aimed at providing life skills through sailing to young people who could not otherwise enjoy the sport.  As sport is not one of the activities qualifying for a Section 18 A status our application was declined when first we applied.  Over the years the nature of what we do has changed slightly so we approached Nicole to see if it was possible to reapply for this successfully.

Nicole gave us an estimate for the project, collected all the relevant material explained the difficulties regarding sport applications, and submitted the application.  We were overwhelmed with the outcome.  In addition her final invoice was within budget.

Jackie Barnard