New Organisations: we set up new legal structures:

  • Voluntary associations;
  • Trusts;
  • Non-profit companies and
  • PTYs.


  • Contracts- we draft contracts between organisations and between people and organisations, and we create standard documents for our clients to use to govern and to protect themselves.
  • Negotiations- we check and vet contracts that clients want to sign, and negotiate alterations and improvements. We negotiate with government departments and banks on behalf of clients.
  • Connections- we are often in a position to connect clients with other useful service providers, facilitators and potential partners.


We undertake registration applications for our clients, and deal with ongoing registration requirements including:

  • Companies;
  • Trusts;
  • NonProfit Organisation applications;
  • Public Benefit Organisation and other tax exemption applications;
  • Directors;
  • Trustees;


For established organisations in need of a change or an update, we:

  • Restructure
    • We provide advice on options for restructuring;
    • We re-draft and amend founding documents and contracts;
    • We make registration applications required by any re-structuring.
  • Update registrations with government departments;
  • Update directors/trustees with CIPC and the Master; and
  • Amend founding documents.


We deal with ongoing compliance and maintenance requirements for our clients including:

  • Director/trustee changes;
  • NPO reports;
  • CIPC annual returns; and
  • Updating CIPC registration details.

We also offer a comprehensive annual compliance service which packages the annual reporting and update services and adds some useful extras. The annual compliance service:

  • relieves the burden of administration;
  • keeps the registrations of your organisation up to date;
  • keeps track of board terms of office; and┬áprovides easy access to the latest versions of frequently required fundamental documents.


We provide advice, assistance and support to our clients including:

  • General contractual/compliance/governance advice;
  • Tax advice;
  • B-BBEE advice and support;
  • Opinions on specific topics, when formal guidance is required.

We bring the important issues into the open by asking the important questions and putting them down on paper, and draft, amongst others:

  • Contracts;
  • Grant agreements;
  • Constitutions;
  • Memoranda of Incorporation;
  • Trust deeds.